Automatic Label Dispenser: A Must-Have Tool For Business

In the business world, time really is money. If you’re wasting time hand labeling your product, you’re throwing money out the window.

1. Automatic label dispensers or label dispensing machines can save you time, which will save you money.

The Dispensa-Matic Bottle-Matic can label 1,700 or more bottles per hour! How long would it take you label 1,200 bottles by hand?

Our friends at TIdistillery ordered the Bottle-Matic II and they said:

“We just took delivery of our new Bottle-Matic II from Dispensa-Matic one work day ago. In the first day, we processed something like 6000 bottles in a half day. That’s much better than the 1600 we did in the same period with a manual label machine.”

They love their Bottle-Matic II so much, they’ve named it Rocky.

2. No more sloppy labels- Applying labels by hand can make for messy, off-centered labels. Automatic label dispensers guarantee you’ll get a uniform, straight label every time.

No one likes sloppy, messy labels.

Automatic label dispensers ensure accuracy. Our patented label dispensing machines assure you’ll get level, straight labels.

Straight, uniform labels give your product a more professional appearance that customers trust.

3. No more tennis elbow…er….labeling elbow.  Automatic label dispensers do the hard work for you.

Automatic label dispensers are easy to use! All Dispensa-Matic label dispensers come with instructional videos on how to load and use our products.

Automatic label dispensers are easy to set up and use. In minutes, you’ll be labeling your product.

Give us a call and we’ll help you find the right label dispenser to meet your needs 1-800-325-7303.