Resolve to Save Time and Money This New Year

Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers save companies valuable time and money.

A valued customer recently shared with us a video of their Bottlematic Bottle Label Dispenser in action. After working with a manual label machine, they switched to the automatic label dispenser, and they were able to label 1,750 bottles in one hour’s time.

“We just took delivery of our new Bottle-Matic II from Dispensa-Matic one work day ago. In the first day, we processed something like 6,000 bottles in a half-day. That’s much better than the 1,600 we did in the same period with a manual label machine,” TIdistillery states.- That’s nearly a 600% increase!

Bottle labelers allow you to quickly and accurately label your bottles. No more crooked or messy labels!

Most importantly, the automatic bottle labeler saves you time in salary and productivity.  The time you save manually labeling your bottles can be used elsewhere to help you grow your business.

Bottle-Matic bottle labelers enable you to label all kinds of cylindrical objects, by simply inserting the container and pressing a foot switch. Once the foot switch is activated the label is applied at over 4.5″ per second. Most water bottles are labeled in less than 2 seconds! This allows you to quickly remove the bottle and insert another to start the procedure again. Once a rhythm is established, bottles are labeled VERY quickly.

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