Label Dispensers: A Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a label dispenser is a great investment in your company. When using a label dispenser, you save time and money, plus, your labels are more properly applied– giving your product a more professional image.

Before purchasing a label dispenser, you must first take stock of your needs.

Do you need a label dispensing machine, an automatic label dispenser, a label roll dispenser, a sticker dispenser, or a semi-automatic label dispenser?

At Dispensa-Matic, we’re here to help you find the best label dispensing machine to fit all your business needs.

We offer automatic label dispensers, semi-automatic label dispensers and label roll dispensers.

Any thing that requires packaging needs to be labeled. The labeling machine is required for this process. This consists of a label dispenser and a label applicator.

Factors to consider before purchasing a label dispenser:

-What size of labels do you need? Will you continue to use the same label size? Make sure you purchase a label dispenser that can accommodate your label’s size.

-Is the label dispenser made of metal or plastic? Look for a well-constructed, solid dispenser. At Dispensa-Matic, our dispensers are made with only top-quality components. All Dispensa-Matic dispensers are proudly made in the U.S.A.

-Do you want a motorized dispenser? Purchasing a motorized label dispenser will help speed up the labeling process.

-Does the company offer one-on-one, personalized customer service? At Dispensa-Matic, customer service is our #1 priority. When you purchase a dispenser from Dispensa-Matic, we walk you through how to set up and use your dispenser.

-Does the dispenser come with a warranty? At Dispensa-Matic, all our label dispensers come with a 3-year warranty, including parts and labor!

An investment in a label dispenser is an investment in your company.  Purchase from a company you can trust!