3 Tips for Marketing Your Beauty Product

Without effective marketing it will be extremely difficult for you to get your beauty product off the ground. There are almost infinite competitors in the marketplace and they are vying for a piece of the beauty industry pie.

Launching your product can pose a lot of challenges, but there are a few tips that can give you a leg up on competition.

1. Find a Unique Selling Proposition

What makes your product different? The beauty market is extremely saturated with almost every kind of product you can imagine. Take a hard look at your product and determine how it is better than the next person’s.

Maybe your product is made from all organic ingredients or maybe it is for people with sensitive skin. Find all of these unique selling points and use them to your advantage.

2. Start With Your Community

Marketing your product is not going to start with a national TV commercial airing during “Scandal”. The best place to start your marketing efforts is with your friends, family, and local community.

Setup digital profiles so that you local fans can connect with you and start providing feedback and advocacy. Referrals and word of mouth from your personal community can translate into hundreds of new customers.

3. Get Your Product In People’s Hands

Getting your product into peoples’ hands is paramount to your marketing success. This is especially true with the beauty product industry. It is hard to convince someone that your lotion will make their hands softs if they haven’t actually used it. It is a lot easier for a person to imagine your mascara on them if it is actually on their face.

Attending craft fairs, farmers markets, and other community events will help you to get your products in peoples’ hands.