Tips For Speeding Up Production

As every business owner knows, time is money! There are some simple steps you can take to help your company speed up production, cut time and increase your revenue.

1. Get Organized-

A place for everything and everything in its place.  Make sure that all essential tools for your production are within reach or no more than 2 steps from the production area.

Searching for essential components can eat up valuable time.

Make sure all parts are kept together, in separate bins and properly labeled.

2. Training- 

Make sure all staff are properly educated and trained, not only on how to construct the product, but end product, as well.  It’s best that all employees are trained on every component of the task, from production to packaging.

3. Communication-

Encourage an open-door policy. Ask employees for feedback on the manufacturing process– they may have some valuable insight on how to speed up production and may alert you to kinks in the process.

Periodically, visit with each employee while they’re working. Watch their process.  Ask them questions about their work and encourage them to make suggestions on what they feel would make the production more efficient.

Your employees are your most valuable asset; listen to them!

4. Documentation- 

Documentation is as essential as communication.  Make sure all employees have written guides on how to perform their duties and don’t forget to include them in interoffice memos– this will help reinforce they’re a valuable part of the company.

5. Invest in a Automatic Label Dispenser-

If your company is still labeling by hand, you’re wasting valuable time and dramatically slowing the production process.

The Dispensa-Matic Bottle-Matic can label 1,700 or more bottles per hour!

Any thing that requires packaging needs to be labeled. The labeling machine is required for this process. This consists of a label dispenser and a label applicator.

The label dispenser dispenses or supplies labels that are partially peeled off from the webbing. The label applicator applies the label to the object that has to be labeled.

Both these processes can be done by manual, semi-automatic and automatic labeling machines.