10 Tips For Getting Your Product On Store Shelves

You had an idea, you created a product and a business. You’ve got a package, a logo and a label.  Now it’s time to get your product in front of customers and on store shelves. What next?

Gaining valuable shelf real estate can be a battle but doing so can help rocket sales.

Here are 10 tips that might help you get your product on store shelves:

1. Become a reputable company. Build a website and a social media presence. Make sure your product label meets federal guidelines.

2. Conduct and document consumer feedback and testimonials. Survey customers about your product. Ask them what stores they’d like to see your product stocked, ask them how often they’re likely to purchase your product, etc. Tabulate survey responses. Create a spreadsheet of the customer feedback for grocers to read.

3. Offer your item on consignment.  Ask for shelf space but don’t require the store to purchase the product. One the items have sold, the store pays you a percentage of the profits.

4. Ask to do a one-day promotion, trunk show or demonstration of your product. Set up a table, hand out samples, business cards and other collateral.

5. Ask your customers to request your product at their favorite stores.

6. “Donate” a small sample of your products to the store for the store to sell. This offers a no-risk option of stocking your product.

7. Ask the store if they’re willing to stock a small number of your products with a pre-sale or order option.

8. Build a robust wholesale process. Make it easy for stores to order your product.  Deliver your product on-time, every time.

9. Dedicate a “Where to Buy” section on your website. Let your customers know where they can find your product in stores and encourage them to purchase from your vendors. This will help promote the store and shows you support your vendors.

10. Make sure your product, logo and label is professional. Invest in a label dispenser to ensure you have a proper aligned, even label.