Semi-Automatic Label Dispensers

After years of testing and research, the ORIGINAL Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers will now offer an Photoelectric sensor on all dispenser models! This new option will set the new standard in the industry. Our heavy duty industrial machines have been offered with only Honeywell Micro switch’s. Until NOW! We have found a sensor that will stand the test of heavy-duty operating conditions, all kinds of lighting conditions, clear labels, or whatever you can throw in front of our new sensor, it will be detected! Our new double pivot design, and NAME-BRAND SENSOR combination can be positioned for even the smallest of labels as well as long labels on the same machine, in seconds, without tools! This new design will also detect clear labels, no need to buy a “special clear label option”

(soon to be copied by our competition like everything else we design)


  • Dispensa-Matic label dispensers are available in 2 versions. Choose either Micro-Switch branded switches, made in USA to our specifications, or name brand photoelectric sensor with integrated IR pulsing technology.
  • The Photo interrupter contains an onboard IC which sends a precision pulse into the Infrared emitting diode, in varying wavelength. This signal is received by a silicon photo diode and bipolar IC signal processing circuit which processes the incoming light. If the incoming light matches the outgoing signal an object is present, therefore there are no false triggers, or non-triggers!
  • Our sensor is not some cheap no-name-brand sensor! It is made by a reputable company (Not mentioned here for obvious reasons) based in the USA, with patented technologies!
  • Our Photo Interrupter or Micro-Switch can detect any kind of label. CLEAR LABELS, Mylar, Foil, Holographic, etc, etc. If it can be peeled, our machine will dispense it!
  • Our new circuits are designed by in-house engineers, we do not copy others designs! Circuits are assembled in our plant in Missouri for quality control!
  • Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers Circuits never use physical contact relays, only solid state devices designed for millions of cycles.
  • Semi-Automatic dispensers, pick, apply, and repeat.
  • Butt cut, or die cut compatible!
  • Multiple row compatible.
  • Label cans, bottles, bags, tires, lightbulbs, or anything that needs a label.
  • In house manufacturing, you know you will get support when you buy Dispensa-Matic.
  • We use very few outside sources for our machine components.
  • Side frames: made using the highest quality metals then formed, countersunk, de burred, and inspected one at a time at our facility.
  • Dispensing Tables: formed out of Aircraft grade aluminum or stainless. Our peel edge is hand milled to spec within .001″ using a special hand-made cutting tool to get that perfect peeling edge needed to dispense labels without tearing the backing paper. (35 years of perfecting the peeling action)
  • Dispenseing tables are POLISHED with ultra-fine polishing compound so paper flows freely around the plate. (We do NOT use cheap teflon tape that will peel off over time!)
  • The dispenser motors are shaded pole AC motors, and are also made in the USA to our specifications. (No CHEAP 12v motors here!)
  • Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers pride in ORIGINATION! While others copy our technology and designs, we continue to be in the forefront of label dispenser design.
  • Our corporation holds over 6 US/International patents for the original designs of the electric powered label dispenser.
  • International compatibility: We use motors specifically for Europe and all other 220V 50/60hz, (no cheap 12v DC motors here)
  • Need a custom label dispenser? (The advantage of being an originator!) Call us for a quote!
  • If repair is ever needed we offer a 1-Day turn-around
  • All machines are always In-Stock and ready to ship