Label Dispenser: How To Choose The Right Machine

Label dispensers come in many shapes, sizes and varieties; how do you know what kind best suits your needs?

Do you need a label dispensing machine, an automatic label dispenser, a label roll dispenser, a sticker dispenser, or a semi-automatic label dispenser?

At Dispensa-Matic, we’re here to help you find the best label dispensing machine to fit all your business needs.

We offer automatic label dispensers, semi-automatic label dispensers and label roll dispensers.

Any thing that requires packaging needs to be labeled. The labeling machine is required for this process. This consists of a label dispenser and a label applicator.

The label dispenser dispenses or supplies labels that are partially peeled off from the webbing. The label applicator applies the label to the object that has to be labeled.

Both these processes can be done by manual, semi-automatic and automatic labeling machines.

Don’t know what type of label dispenser you need, give us a call, and we’ll help you decide. ¬†USA: 1-800-325-7303 | International: 1-573-392-7684.